Privacy & Cookie Policy

Committed activists for deGooglization, deGAFAMization and digital self-defense, this online purchase platform admins consider pricacy of your data a critical issue. Kinobio BXL is not a shop, has no commercial purpose, is not looking forward to infinite expansion, and does not implement tracking technologies beyoud what's strictly necessary for this platform to be functional. Here's how we ensure your data privacy, confidentiality and respect:

  • Cookies are necessary on this platform, to agregate orders, for follow-upq and purchase history.
  • No other data than those requested when creating your account is kept. This data has been reduced to the minimum to balance between tool functionnlity and privacy.
  • NO DATA will filter out to non-participant third party, whatever the situation.
  • POTENTIALLY, your name, phone and address might be shared with other participants, WITH YOUR PRIOR CONSENT, with the sole purpose of making order pickup easier by enabling participants to pickup each other's order
  • In accordance with GDPR, you may at any time ask for your data modifcation or removal from our database. Just send us an email at
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